Truck Camper Rental

Trucker campers are typical smaller vehicles, but what they lack in size, they make up for in other factors. Truck campers are a very popular option in British Columbia, for both international visitors and locals who want to explore their province more.

What exactly is a truck camper. In the most basic sense, a truck camper is pick-up truck (sometimes referred to as ute in other countries) with a mountable living quarter in the back. There typically is no access from truck cab to the living quarters. Depending on the camper, these can sleep anywhere from 2 to 4 people.

So what makes Truck Campers a popular option?

  • The are more maneuverable than larger campers
  • Many are 4 wheel drive meaning you can drive them where other RVs couldn't go
  • They are more fuel efficient
  • The rental costs are often lower than other choices.
Truck campers are a great option for couples or small groups. However, remember when travelling you must where a seat belt therefore you are not allowed to stay in the living while the vehicle is driving. This is something to consider if you travelling with tall people or people that need more space.


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