4 Berth Campervan Rental

A four berth camper is a camper that has four sleeping units. These are typically bigger and better equipped than 2 berth campers, on the other hand they are also more expensive than their smaller counterpart. Four berth vehicles are ideal for travelling family. Most come fully decked out with shower, toilet and kitchen appliances and much more.

Like 2 berths, 4 berth vehicles come in many styles. The most common style is the Class C, which has a truck chassis with a bed over the cab. Other styles include truck camper, which is a pick up truck with mounted living area, and Class A, which has a bus chassis.

Because of there size, 4 berths can be a bit harder to maneuver than 2 berths, but their size allows more living space and conveniences. Although some of these motorhomes are big enough to carry more than 4 people, the key to remember that these only sleep 4 people.

Here are some examples of 4 berth vehicles available at CamperVancouver.com

Truck Camper Style:

Motorhome Style:

Bus Style:


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