2 Berth Campervan Rental

What is a 2 berth camper? This simply means that 2 people can sleep in it. This is ideal for couples travelling in Canada. Typically, 2 berths are campervans, meaning that they look look like a van but have sleeping quarters for two people. Other styles may be truck campers, which have the sleeping area in the 'bed' section of the truck. Finally, you have motorhome 'style' two berths; these are truck chassis with typically with an overhanging compartment used for sleeping. Motorhome style is also referred to Class C, where as van style is referred to as Class B.

Because of the size and manueverablity, 2 berth campers are easy to drive and also easy on the budget. There are also luxurious models which have a shower and toilet.

Could you travel with more than 2 people in a 2 berth camper? The answer may surprise you - but no. Although it is possible to fit more than 2 people comfortable in a 2 berth vehicle, when travelling, safety comes first. Many 2 berth campers only come with 2 seatbelts, meaning that additional passengers without seat belts fastened are subject to fines. In British Columbia, that fine starts at $167!

Below are some of the models of 2 Berth Campers available at CamperVancouver.com:

Campervan Style:

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