Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Truck campers - rent before you buy

Truck CampersAn offroad truck camper is basically a household on wheels. It can include a queen sized bed, bench seats, fully functional kitchen, toilet and shower, storage compartments, and large attachable fresh water tanks. Offroad truck campers
can be an exciting addition to any travel plans but you need to find one that suits both your needs and your wallet.

If are looking for an offroad camper, research a respectable dealer beforehand. While you can probably find one a lot cheaper by buying it used from a previous owner, there is probably a good reason that they’re selling it. Try to avoid any dealers that don’t look professional and don’t just pick the first dealer that you come across. Use the Internet as well as local classifieds to find a truck campers dealer that is going to give you what you need without haggling you with an extremely high price. Make a list of the best dealers that you can find and compare all of their products as well as any extra services that the dealer provides such as insurance, warranties, or money back guarantees.

Don’t go into this blind. When you approach a dealer, you should already have a deep understanding
of what exactly you’re looking for and how much it should cost. Also plan ahead for what kind of activities you are going to be using for your camper. If you’re going to use it for long periods at a time, it will need to have more storage and fresh water reserves. If you are going to only use it on occasion, then you don’t need the best truck campers on the market. Don’t let the dealer hassle you into paying more than it’s worth or sell you something that isn’t up to expectations. The dealer is not your friend; he is in it to make money. Educate yourself so you don't fall prey to the dealer.

Don’t be set in stone about what you’re buying because chances are, the dealer isn’t even going to have a product that meets every single one of your expectations. Write down a general figure that you’re willing to spend on an offroad truck campers and major things that you’re looking for in your offroad truck campers. Be firm with what you have in mind but if the dealer offers you something that may save a lot of effort and isn’t going to cost that much extra, you may want to hear what he or she has to say.

Test drive your camper before you buy it. A great of way of doing this is by renting one! The dealer probably isn’t going to let you tie it to your car and drive it through a swamp but you certainly need to actually handle the offroad truck campers yourself rather than taking the dealer’s word for it. Take a walk around the truck campers and open all of the hatches and get inside of it. If there’s a bed, lay in it. If the water and electricity is already hooked up then turn the sink on, flush the toilet, and make sure the shower is working properly. Be extremely thorough in your searching because the last thing you want is to find out that something isn’t working properly when you’re out in the middle of nowhere enjoying a scenic view of the woods.

Many dealers, both professional and freelance, c in extra fees or talk you into paying extra money for additional options. While these extra options sound great and you’re probably thinking that you can really use every single thing that they are offering, these extra features increase the price of the truck campers. By the end of all the forms and processing, you may be looking at an extra $10,000 just for those extras that you decided that you couldn’t live without. Additional features aren’t all bad and it is certainly true that you could use all of them in a practical way every time you use your truck campers, but you need to make sure that you’re calculating all of these fees every step of the way. Negotiate with your dealer and see if you can get only a few of the additional features rather than a set package.